Cesium Js basemap usage and licenses

I am a developer who’s creating a web app with cesium.js that might go into production in the future.
I am concerned about the licenses: although I know cesiumjs is free to use, I am not sure about the baselayer tiles. Cesium allows to pick from a range of baselayers, like Bing Maps aerial or Sentinel2, and I wanna use these together with some openstreetmaps baselayer too.
It works right away now, but,
Can I use them in production without acquiring any license or Ion token? I have not supplied any token to the js code and it works, so I guess it is all good to use?
Any requirement I am missing?
Thanks so much!

Welcome to the Cesium Community!

Depending on what you are planning to do with the web app, you may need a commercial license. Please check out pricing FAQ for more information on this: https://cesium.com/pricing/

Regardless of whether your application is commercial or not, we recommend that you use your own Cesium ion token. That way, you can control and upload your own data. Please see our Quickstart Guide on how to create a free ion account and generate a personal token.

Currently, without using your own token, you are using the default Cesium token. This will not allow you to add your own data if you choose to do so later.

As far as our roadmap goes, we do not plan to stop supporting these base layers. You will be notified when we do, and if that is the case, you will also be notified of possible alternatives.