Cesium Learning Resources

Hey everyone,

On our endless quest to make Cesium easy to learn, we’ve decided to update and restructure our tutorials! This will include big picture (reorganizing tutorial topics) and small picture (fixing outdated code snippets) changes.

Since tutorials are all about the user experience, we’d love your input – both experts and complete beginners welcome! There are no one-size-fits-all teaching materials, but the more we hear from you, the better we can do.

Here’s where we need your help (reply to this post):

  • How did you learn Cesium?

  • What tutorials/resources don’t exist, but should? What have you found difficult?

I’ve opened an issue with a proposed tutorial restructure here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/5207

Finally, want to be a Cesium team hero? A lot of you are Cesium experts! If there’s a particular Cesium topic you love, you’d be the perfect person to write a tutorial for new users. Reply here or (contact me at rhwang@agi.com) if you’re interested – I’d be happy to collaborate / copy edit. We’d likely publish your work directly on the Cesium website!

Personally, I love the sandcastle examples, but could use a little guidance in dissecting them sometimes, so I turn to tutorials.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for getting this started! Great thoughts in https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/5207

A few comments:

  • Lowering the barrier-to-entry for novices would be great. How simple can we make it for someone to get Hello World running locally?
  • What are the biggest gaps in our current tutorials - and to a lesser extent, Sandcastle examples?
  • There’s Google Earth to Cesium examples here: http://analyticalgraphicsinc.github.io/cesium-google-earth-examples/


A tutorial for 3D Tiles would be a nice plus.

It would be great to have tutorials on how to load Cesium in different JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue etc..). IMO, they should be fairly simple initially (e.g. how to setup the environment and fire up a Cesium viewer). I would love to help in case there are thoughts for Angular particularly.


It would be great to include some guides on integrating with frameworks!

I’m currently doing some work to get Cesium running nicely with Webpack and adding some accompanying documentation. While adding Cesium to a react app is not as simple as just yarn add cesium, react apps do use Webpack, so that work would help make that integration smoother. There’s also some great community blog posts out there, like this one, for integrating Cesium with a react app.

I don’t know too much about Angular and Vue personally, but hopefully either a Cesium dev or a community member will be able to research the best setup for those frameworks in the future.




Try out webpack-cesium, it’s as easy as yarn add webpack-cesium, works with all frameworks.


Thanks TJ, we did have to make some compromises to keep the Cesium library suitable to use in all contexts, (like we don’t directly set an entry point in package.json), but if you have additional input on how to make it easier to use out of the box just like webpack-cesium, let us know!

I am still learning and not ready to write tutorials :slight_smile:
However, if I may make a suggestion, in the documentation itself, some pages have examples and some don’t.

It would be awesome, to have examples, and examples in context. Examples are the best way to learn!

Learning what is available is good, but it is even better to learn why what is available is useful.

I know this might create a lot of work, but when I am ready, I will be glad to help… :slight_smile:


Hi Martine,

Thanks for the input! If you haven’t seen it, we have Cesium Sandcastle, which is a collection of live-coding demos.

The examples in the documentation are generated from the documentation comments in the Cesium source code. If you have some examples you’d like to add, even small ones, we’d love to have you contribute to the project!