Cesium in 2013 - Tutorials


To help with our ease of use mission, a series of tutorials that bring users up to speed will be really useful. To get things rolling, I wrote a tutorial on imagery layers:


I anticipate 15-20 tutorials like this, ranging from the simplest possible Cesium app to deploying with AMD to specific apps. There’s an outline on the roadmap, including writing tips. I’ll write a bunch of the tutorials, but I encourage everyone to write some. It’s a high-impact way to contribute without writing (much) code. Reply if you are interested.

We’ll, of course, string these individual tutorials together with a table of contents like on Learning WebGL. Ultimately, we strive for an community where end-users create resources, like Learning Three.js, but we need to seed it.

Tutorials coupled with simple code examples will go a long way to make the barrier to entry for Cesium low.