Cesium on the desktop


Although I don’t believe there is near-term interest, it looks like we may be able to write desktop Cesium apps using node.js and node-webgl - https://github.com/mikeseven/node-webgl. I’m not sure how well supported node.js is on the desktop, and I also think users that want desktop probably want Java or C#, but it’s an interesting project to keep in the back of our minds.



Pretty cool. I think we’re going to see more and more of this. As I had previously mentioned to some of you off-list, Nokia is making a big push with Qt 5 to build applications directly in Javascript, relying on C++ only for core low-level widgets. You can actually do this already with Qt 4 (and their WebGL enabled web-kit widget) but 5 will make Javascript a first-class citizen.

I think the initial market for these types of things will be for running web-apps offline, rather than building directly for the desktop; but who knows.