Cesium Optimization in Unity

I’m making a flight simulator in Unity with Cesium. I’ve already optimized graphics but right now the Cesium 3D tileset is the largest performance bottleneck. It takes roughly 70% of the total script execution time and has frequent lag spikes. (81/20 ms per frame lag spikes) My current settings seem fine, but is there any way I can optimizes them. I am using Google 3D photorealistic tiles.

Hi @Oliver_Zhang,

I noticed that your Maximum Simultaneous Tile Loads is much higher than the default value, which may be contributing to your poor performance. Maximum Simultaneous Tile Loads controls how many tiles can simultaneously load in the background, so having a lot of them may affect frame-by-frame performance. Note the tooltip on this property:

When new parts of the tileset become visible, the tasks to load the corresponding tiles are put into a queue. This value determines how many of these tasks are processed at the same time. A higher value may cause the tiles to be loaded and rendered more quickly, at the cost of a higher network and processing load.

I’d play around with that value and see if changing it helps. But of course let us know if you’re still having issues.