Cesium Project Publishing ways

**Hey guys, **

I have a question. I don’t have many experience in the matter and i would like to know which ways do i have to publish online a cesium project web app. If i could simple upload in a static/dinamic server or if there are proper way to do it.

How it works if i want to publish more than one model, how can generate a url per one model.


You can run a CesiumJS app in a simple static server (so hosting on something like a WordPress site, as long as it can serve all the JS/HTML files statically) it should work.

The getting started tutorial uses Glitch which is an easy option as well: https://cesium.com/docs/tutorials/getting-started/

If you’re trying to be able to have a link view/go to a specific model, the easiest way to do that I think would be to have your CesiumJS app read the query parameter in the URL and load the appropriate model. Let me know if this helps!

What kind of application are you building?