Using CesiumJS on a closed network

Hi all! I’m starting a new project that CesiumJS seems perfect for. The only catch is that this webpage must be hosted on a closed network with no outside internet access so that it is only available to people connected directly to the network. I’m new to Cesium, so before I commit my efforts to learning the ins-and-outs, is this something that is even possible to do? I see that an npm install is available, but I know that does not necessarily mean that it can be taken offline. Any knowledge or advice is greatly appreciated!



I also attempt to do the same. I recently had a successful POC using a localhost geoserver and the
Geo server terrain provider but i don’t wont my project to depend on it. I hope this will be possible with cesium natively

If you build your project using webpack, copy and past dist folder is enough in a local network without internet connection.

I’ve also been looking into hosting the map separately and calling that so its good to know that at least that works!

Thanks! I’ll start testing somethings out using webpack.

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Yes, it’s entirely possible to build a Cesium app, and host it locally on a closed network. I did this at a previous job.

The app build output is normally just a folder full of static JS/HTML/CSS files that can be served by any web server.

It’s also possible to host and serve terrain+image tiles, although that takes more effort.

We also run a Cesium-based project on a closed network. There is a webpack tutorial here though I can’t promise it’s not out of date, especially with some changes they’ve recently made to packaging. If you run into problems be sure to post about them here!

For map hosting, we mostly use ArcGIS, which is well supported by Cesium. Others have mentioned cheaper options, but nobody ever got fired for buying Esri :smiley: