Cesium scene.pickPosition method is uncorrect,and it is related to angel

after repeated experiments, when the camera and the model are inclined, there will be some errors in the points picked up on the model, and the error value is less than 1m

When the camera looks sideways at the model, the points picked up on the model basically fall on the model, and the error value is small

Hi @jiunuan,

Thank you for your question. Are you noticing that the model’s location and position are changing as you rotate the camera?


The position of the model in the three-dimensional space should not change with the change of the camera. This is my model area. It will be inaccurate when drawing at an oblique angle with the model on this ditch

I rthink it would help a bit if you shared a Sandcastle with some code of how you do the picking and how the error appears. Picking is a bit of an art form, especially if you’ve got various transparencies in there and / or terrain models (big terrains are lazily parsed, for example), so pickTerrain vs. pickTerrainMostDetailed give different results (usually), and there are some peculiarities with where in the rendering cycle you are (the buffers are changed through the process, sometimes), so sometimes it even works better to pick twice (or in a mini-matrix to some level of performance) to get better / more precise results. But share something, and I’ll try to add in what I’ve learned through the years in the Dark Art of Picking things!