Scene pickFromRayMostDetailed & pickPositionFromRay availability

Hello, I am wondering if there are any plans as to when we might see the above mentioned functions added to the public API? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Cesium community Josh!

Can you tell us a bit more about your project and use case?

Hey Omar, it’s Josh from - we have spoken a fair bit in the past but I think I created a new account when joining the new forum :smile: We are looking to use these functions for translating picked points from images used to construct photogrammetric 3d-tiles to the equivalent point on the 3d-tiles.

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Ah yes, hi Josh!

This is definitely a common use case I think that we’d like to support. In your case, you already have the 2D images in the right location and orientation in 3D space? And so the user clicks on any point in the image, and you’re able to map that to the 3D model with the pickFromRay functions?

Yep, that is correct. We have a side by side view with an image on the RHS and the cesium canvas on the LHS. Right clicking on the image will pick the equivalent point on the 3d-tiles and display it with a coloured point. I have experimented with both pickFromRayMostDetailed and pickFromRay and whilst they work well, they occasionally pick a point a few metre short of the actual surface :thinking: I have replicated this behaviour on multiple tile sets - perhaps I should put a sandcastle together to demonstrate?

This would be very helpful! There’s a few useful code snippets in here I put together to make it faster to put together these Sandcastles: How to share custom Sandcastle examples.