Cesium Shader Optimization - Is It Possible?


Is there anything I can do to the Cesium Google Maps Shader to make it less expensive?



Maybe. If you open up the default material (found in the Cesium for Unreal plugin at Materials/Instances/MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClipping), you’ll see that it is composed of a number of material layers. You probably don’t need all of them, so cloning the material, deleting the layers you don’t need (such as the raster overlays), and setting your clone as the Material on the tileset may make rendering cheaper. Unreal unfortunately does not allow us to generate and compile materials at runtime, so we need to either use an uber material that does all the things, or have a crazy number of different materials and choose among them. We do a bit of each, but it can never be as optimal as a material you create explicitly for the one tileset you care about.

Thank you, Kevin!

It helped a little bit, so thank you!