Modifying Cesium tiled imagery

Is there currently a way to modify the material values for cesium tile imagery? I see that there is a Material option on the Cesium World Terrain instance, but it literally just overrides each tile with a new material. I’d love to be able to take the streamed raster data and tweak settings on it/mix in additional data, etc. (btw the Material option does not seem to accept Material Instances)

In the same vein, is there also a way to modify the geometry data for the tileset, such as dampening certain areas, adding noise perturbations, etc?

Thanks thanks thanks!

I’m not with cesium, but I cloned the material from their plugin folder and managed to make a modification. I ended up clonging GltfMaterialWIthOverlays, RasterOverlay and GlftMaterial making my own version. Once I did that I could overlay it onto the material from the Terrain and it took my modifications. I haven’t done extensive modifications to it yet, but was able to mask the globe down into a small square using a box mask.

Oh I didn’t even think to look in the plugin folder! Thanks for the tip, I found the materials and will experiment when I get some time.

The plugin is very distracting. Every time I try to get some dev work done I end up flying around the planet and looking at stuff. Bad work ethics me.

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