Creating effects and the "Opaque material" property

Hi all,
I’ve been wanting to add a glow to the globe’s edges, to simulate the earth’s glow. Long story short, there’s not really any ability to edit the material the 3D tiles use, so I don’t really know how to go about this.
The only thing I’ve found is a material property called “Opaque Material”, but this only overrides the original tiles’ material. Is there a way to edit the original mat, or overlay it with another material?

Hi @Avinoam,

I don’t think you can modify the original tileset material, since the Cesium for Unity package is read only. However, you can find and make a copy of it in Packages > Cesium for Unity > Runtime > Resources. In particular, you can copy the CesiumDefaultTilesetShader shadergraph, modify it as you see fit, then make a new material that uses it. Then, place the material in the “Opaque Material” property of the target tileset.

Ah! Interesting option. I’ll give it a shot the nest time I’m working on that