Set/Change 3DTileset's Opacity

Hi,I’m new in Unreal materials.How can I set and change 3DTileset self’s opacity like in CesiumJS,rather than the layer’s following Editing Tileset Materials tutorial.

There shouldn’t really be anything Cesium-specific about that. You just need to modify the material to be translucent. This page may help:

It is indeed transparent, but has lost the texture, where is the problem.

Not sure, what does your material look like?

In general I’d suggest copying the built-in Cesium material (as explained in the Materials tutorial you linked in your first post) and then modify it to be translucent. A brand new translucent material created from scratch will be missing the necessary nodes for raster overlays (textures), for example.

I copy the built-in Cesium material as you say,It works.But a new problem here,the transparent model can see clear tile boundaries.

Yeah, the tiles have skirts, intended to hide gaps between tiles. I don’t know of a solution to that problem.