Cesium.throttleRequestByServer disappeared in 1.35?

Hello everybody,

Cesium.throttleRequestByServer is no longer in the API neither in the docs. But I cannot find any deprecation notice in CHANGES.md.

Unfortunately this keeps me from upgrading to 1.35. I call this function from

requestTileGeometry method in my custom TerrainProvider. Any advice?

Thanks, Boris.

Hi Boris,

I think this is an oversight in CHANGES.md so I submitted #5667.

throttleRequestByServer was removed in https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/3371

A related CHANGES.md update is:

The throttleRequest parameter for TerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, CesiumTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, VRTheWorldTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, and EllipsoidTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry is deprecated and will be replaced with an optional Request object. The throttleRequests parameter will be removed in 1.37. Instead set the request’s throttle property to true to throttle requests.