throttleRequestByServer replacement (RequestScheduler.throttleRequest) not implemented ?


Within for Cesium 1.35 it means that instead of “throttleRequestByServer” you can now use “RequestScheduler. throttleRequest”. When I look at RequestScheduler, there is no method “throttleRequest”. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong, or what I should use instead?

**for a custom terrain provider we use throttleRequestByServer. ******



Ah sorry, the documentation is wrong. I’ll push a fix for that.

The throttling now goes through the load functions directly. So if you are requesting an ArrayBuffer resource, you would write:

Cesium.loadArrayBuffer(url, headers, new Cesium.Request({
throttleByServer: true

})).then(function(arrayBuffer) {
// If arrayBuffer is undefined, the request was throttled



This is essentially the method that other terrain providers use to throttle requests.

Opened the issue here:

Also let me know if this works for you.

Hey Sean,

thank you, it works.