Cesium Tilt/Pan Memory Usage

Hey Cesium Folks!

We've been seeing an issue lately related to memory usage when using Cesium, and for a little while we thought it was something on our app's end. But we recently discovered we can reproduce this on cesiumjs.org!

By simply tilting/panning the map you can see cesium's memory usage grow and grow ad infinitum. Taking a moment to let the globe sit, you'll notice that some of this memory gets released, but still doesn't look so good.

The best way I've been able to reproduce this:

* Open up your task manager to the Processes tab
* Navigate to http://cesiumjs.org in your preffered browser
* Click Tap to Interact
* Keeping an eye on your task manager, start middle dragging to tilt/orient the camera. You should be able to see your memory usage grow quite a bit over time

I'm wondering, is this a known issue? And if so, do we know why this is happening or have a recommended fix?



I am seeing this too. I can get Cesium’s memory usage up to around 1.2 GB after panning and tilting the map for several minutes. This is on a “clean” globe without adding any special layers or entities.

The memory often actually stays that high – it’s almost like some references are still persisting, preventing the browser from cleaning them up.

I personally don’t see this happening with Chrome 56 on Windows 10, it stays < 400 MB for me. What browsers/os are you both using?

I'm on windows 7. I've seen this behavior in Chrome 57 and FireFox 45.7. Haven't tried in IE yet, but somehow I have less faith there than in the other 2 browsers :slight_smile: