Cesium Viewer Interface Translation


I’m trying to use some resource to translation the Cesium viewer interface. But I didn’t find any documentation about this.

Did someone have the same problem? Anyone knows how to change the language to display into viewer or translate the strings into viewer?



Hi there.

I am also trying to translate the user interface but found no clue. Is it possible anyway?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Fernando, Paulo,

All of the viewer element strings are in the source code of each individual widget. All Widget code in in the Source/Widgets/ directory. If you would be interested in pulling out the strings into an individual files for easier translations, the contribution back to Cesium would be more than welcome!



Thanks, Gabby.

I’m a newbie on programming, but I will give it a try. It would be a pleasure to contribute to Cesium!

Best regards,


Awesome, take a look at CONTRIBUTING.md to get started!