New "Viewer" widget replaces CesiumViewerWidget, free of 3rd-party UI toolkits!

Thanks to the hard work of Matt Amato and Scott Hunter, we have a new replacement for CesiumViewerWidget that was merged to master this morning, and will be released with b18 at the start of July.

There are breaking API changes: The widget has a new name and new location, and has been rewritten from the ground up to be a composite of the underlying widgets, using a mixin architecture. The Sandcastle examples have been updated too (not posted yet, but they’re in the repository). You can use them and their diffs as an example of how to update your own code.

This new widget does not depend on Dojo or other UI toolkits, and is part of the combined Cesium.js file that you can pull into your own projects effortlessly. It’s meant to be a robust base for typical Cesium applications.

We’ll send out some Sandcastle links after it’s been deployed to the website. If you want to check it out in the meantime, see pull request #838 for more details, and grab a fresh copy of master to build.