Is there an alternative to CesiumViewerWidget?

I posted earlier thinking that my code was wrong, but I think it was just do to the fact that the CesiumViewerWidget is going away. What can we use instead? Is there another way to enable drag and drop of czml files? Thanks, -Adam

It’s “going away” to be replaced by a non-Dojo version of something quite similar. The new code is in the “viewer” branch, pull request #838.

Drag-and-drop functionality appears to be moving to Widgets/Viewer/ViewerDropHandler in the new branch. See Apps/CesiumViewer/CesiumViewer.js on that branch.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. However, as a beginner, that was over my head. What do “Widgets/Viewer/ViewerDropHandler” and “Apps/CesiumViewer/CesimViewer.js” refer to? Is there any documentation for the services replacing CesiumViewerWidget?

Sorry, those are paths & filenames of things in Cesium after you’ve installed Git and switched to a branch named “viewer”. As a beginner, you may not have done that, as the simpler thing is just to download a release of Cesium. The new system isn’t in the June release, but is very likely to be in the July release complete with documentation.

For the June release, you can still use the old CesiumViewerWidget. Upgrading it to the new one isn’t too bad, I did that to one of my projects yesterday.


Maybe I should just show you the problem I’m having. I am attempting to have 3D terrain data with the ability to drag and drop satellites simultaneously. My import statement is the same as that on SandCastle for CesiumViewerWidget:

@import url(…/…/…/Source/Widgets/Dojo/CesiumViewerWidget.css);

and my code attempting to create a CesiumViewerWidget is:

var cesiumViewerWidget = new CesiumViewerWidget({

enableDragDrop : true




In the console, my errors are "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) " and “Uncaught ReferenceError: CesiumViewerWidget is not defined”

Do you know how I could fix these problems?