cesium viewshed

friends, please tell me if there is any viewshed analysis tool present in cesium javascript library.


There’s no viewshed analysis in the current open source CesiumJS library, but that functionality is offered in AGI’s Cesium Pro product (send an email to tim@agi.com), and we plan on adding more analysis tools as part of our Cesium commercial offerings in the future.



Thanks for the reply. So as there is no such support there, can I develop my own algorithm for doing viewshed analysis on cesium? Can u please suggest if I need to start with LOS approach? Please help.

Sure, you can go ahead and develop your own implementation, a LOS approach makes sense.

Oh, Ok! and have u any idea how much time will it take as I have only 20 days to complete my project and will it be difficult kind of?

hi ayushi, how far are you upto with your approach?

hey, I have successfully completed my task.

**Viewshed itself? **

no, sorry! just viewshed is left. I am able to successfully create the line of sights which the viewshed is composed of. so sweeping of lines for viewshed is remaining

Is it!

Would like to hear updates from you.

Thanks :slight_smile: