Cesium visible with Oculus Plugin but not with OpenXR

Hi, I’m starting to work with Cesium for Unity and in particular on Oculus with OpenXR. I noticed that if I configure the project with XR Plugin Management for Oculus it loads the Cesium elements without problems, but if I use OpenXR it doesn’t load them and no error message appears. This also happens with the basic scenes provided by Cesium for Unity.

Has this problem happened before? I didn’t find anything in the community posts.

How can i solve it?

Unity Version 2022.3.7f1


Hello, I tested with version 2022.3.5f1 using OpenXR. I was able to build with OpenXR. However when I followed the “For better performance…” instructions, it caused some sort of eye misalignment.

Also, when you say no error message appeared, do you mean that nothing showed up in the device logs? When nothing loads, my first thought is the DLLs didn’t load which would show in the logs.

I also created a blank project with the VR core template, and installed the plugin, switched to Android and built, copied the VR Denver scene to it, and it worked well. Maybe this will work for you, as the project may have decent project settings.

Best regards