Support for OpenXR Plug-in


I just wonder if this supports OpenXR plug-in provider? As the sample only shown to use the Oculus plug-in provider under XR management.

And I did try to use the OpenXR plug-in provider under XR management, but I don’t see anything/tiles get render in the headset. Is it because of my settings? What do I need to do in order to use OpenXR instead? Thanks.

I don’t have any first-hand experience, and unfortunately Joseph, our XR expert on the Cesium for Unity team, is away at the moment. But I don’t know of any reason that OpenXR wouldn’t work. Perhaps one thing to check is that Cesium for Unity is able to find a camera to use to select tiles. It uses the Camera.main property, so it’s essential that that property return a suitable camera.

Hello Kevin,

As I created the XRRig using the default way Create > XR > XR Origin (VR), the camera has already been set to have the MainCamera tag. Also I did try on the sample project switching to use the OpenXR plug-in provider, but I still don’t see anything on my quest 2 headset.

It works for me. I’ve been using cesium with openxr plugin for a while.

Not sure why you are having an issue but there is no fundamental problem with using openxr.

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