Oculus Rift support revisited?

Hey there,

we are looking into Cesium to use it in a VR setup. I saw that NICTA did a cesium-VR plugin back in 2014, yet it was conceived to wotk with the 0.5 runtime of the Oculus.

Current runtime version is 1.4, and I was wondering if anyone was aware of any support or working plugin for the current version?

The cesium-VR plugin also got me confused, as it still seems to be working, I can invoke the stereo view in a current nightly webvr build and see something in the rift, yet the world itself (the live demo provided at github) doesn't render anything...

So headtracking is working (which is the major thing), but the cesium globe won't render. The image stays black in front of a dawn skybox...

Does anyone have more information on that?

Thanks, and best regards,

Christophe Leske

Hi Christophe,

There isn’t any support for the current version. See this thread:


The globe might not be rendering because that Bing key was disabled. Try creating your own Bing key or changing the imagery provider. See this post for more details:




Hi Dan,

thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am aware that there is no official support, but I am totally confused that the 0.5 version IS apparently still working (although it shouldn’t) as it is showing something in the Rift.

I will check to see fi I can fix the Bing Map keys and get the demo to run…

What would it take to have a VR plugin for the newest version? I mean, the browser is already supporting the headsets?

Got it to work, the Bing key was the issue. Rotational support for HMD is working, but no positional tracking (camera is working, but no translation happening in the virtual world).

How did this work out in the end? Did you get to a good user experience, or did it stay just as a tech demo/exploration? Was the lack of head tracking an issue?
And can you say how you did controls & interaction?

+1 to Dan’s questions! Christophe, we’ll love to hear how your VR project turned out! If it worked out and you’re interested in integrating the new VR support into Cesium, we’d be happy to help guide you through the contribution process! I know there’s been a lot of community interest in this and it would probably be very popular! :slight_smile:


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