Oculus Rift plugin

Hi Cesium developers,

I know what you’ve been thinking: The real world sure is nice, but I wish I could immerse myself and my users in the Cesium virtual globe.

Well, your dream is one step closer as NICTA have just open sourced cesium-oculus-plugin. Head over to https://github.com/NICTA/cesium-oculus-plugin and strap on your Oculus VR dev kit to check it out.



This is very cool! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try this.


Hi All,

We have managed to get stereoscopic rendering working from a single Cesium scene which makes this a lot easier to integrate into other projects. This has now been rolled out to Doarama.


Note that in the future we should also be able to support other devices like the low-end google cardboard through this framework.