Cesium VR tutorial supported devices


I completed the VR tutorial with teleportation that was posted on the Cesium website. My line trace works but the teleport on my controller doesn’t seem to work. Also, my Oculus Quest (1st gen) only displays a black screen with three white dots buy my VR preview in Unreal Engine works. How do I resolve these issues?

Hello @audriewill,

That VR tutorial was designed with Oculus Quest 2 in mind. I’m not sure how much the Oculus Quest 1 might differ from the Quest 2.

Have you developed other applications with Unreal Engine for the Oculus Quest 1? It will be helpful to narrow down if the VR tutorial is causing the issues, or some other incompatability.


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To clarify, the VR tutorial on the Cesium website includes general VR application development instructions that should apply to most tethered headsets. As mentioned in Step 5, for headsets other than the Oculus Quest 2 you may need to adjust your action mappings, and the connection between Unreal and your headset. You may require specific software or plugins to help Unreal recognize your device. (e.g., the Oculus app, SteamVR, or something else).

After Step 5, the tutorial includes instructions for deploying specifically to Oculus Quest 2. We have not tested or written instructions for deploying to other devices. For other devices, I would recommend referencing a non-Cesium tutorial for deploying an application from Unreal Engine to your specific device.

We welcome contributions, including to our tutorials. If you explore deploying to other devices, please share information about the process here to help other users!