Cesium Windows XP/SP3

Hello everyone
I managed to solve the problem of Cesium display with Windows XP SP2 / Firefox, but with XP SP3, I can not be displayed.
I do the same procedure but no effect!

Is there anyone can help me to solve this. Thank you

This is not a problem specific to Cesium. As far as I know, Firefox is the only browser that even attempts to support WebGL on Windows XP and there is a large blacklist of GPU drivers because of instability. I imagine https://get.webgl.org/ will fail for you as well.

You should be able to force it by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you have the latest driver available for your GPU.

  2. In about:config, set webgl.force-enabled to true.

That will hopefully get things to work but I can’t guarantee Cesium will run well or work in all cases.

I already update my graphics card and change the value of webgl.enable.forced “false” to “true”, the Cesium has not displayed but the error changes as follows:
“RuntimeError: Program failed to link.Link Log: Failed to create D3D shaders”