Cesium with Django

Hi, I'm using Django 1.5.4 and I have been trying to make cesium work with it. I wanna know if this is posible and if you could give me some references or examples.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, as far as i know, there is one company who has already successfully integrated one virtual globe with Django combined with PostGIS in its product.
Unfortunately it is not open source. But i think it is 100% possible to make Cesium work with Django.

Cesium’s just a Javascript library. It can “work” with anything capable of serving up HTML and JS. Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do?

For reference what issue are you having?

I’ve worked with Angular and the only issues I had with Cesium was that I had to hook up an explicit destroy call when my view using Cesium was removed. This was an issue because of how Angular loads resources, and Cesium didn’t know it was no longer in the active DOM.

Geonode is a django mapping application that uses openlayers and geoext to render map data served by geoserver. A cesium/django application would probably look something like that.