Cesium WMTS Support?

Hello I wonder if Cesium does support WMTS. Its often used along WMS for serving maps based on QGIS.

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It suppots WMTS.

    imageryProvider = new Cesium.WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider({
        url: 'http://localhost/tileserver-php-master/wmts',
        layer: '4_1',
        style: 'default',
        format: 'image/jpeg',
        tileMatrixSetID: 'GoogleMapsCompatible',

Oh sorry I was unclear. I was talking about Cesium for Unreal and not CesiumJS :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dreamless,

Currently Cesium for Unreal does not support WMTS. If this is a feature you’d like to see in the plugin, you can create an issue for the feature in our Github repository.