Adding WMTS served by geoserver into UE

Hey guys, it’s a great work to get cesium into unreal.

Since the terrain and imagery on cesiumion can be loaded into unreal, I wonder is there a way to load wmts map served by geoserver?


Hi, I have the same question, do you have good idea

Me too too too

Hi everyone,

Currently we have support for Tile Map Service (TMS) and Bing Maps. To add support for WMTS requires adding a new RasterOverlay-derived class in cesium-native (See cesium-native/RasterOverlay.h at main · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub) plus a very simple ActorComponent for it in Cesium for Unreal.

We’d love to see a pull request from the community for this if anyone is keen!


Hello there,
How to add your own TMS service?
Neither CesiumIonRasterOverlay nor CesiumBingMapsRasterOverlay supports custom URLs. I hope to provide a CesiumRasterOverlay that supports custom URLs. Please help me, please! ! !
Looking forward to your reply

But how to add my own TMS service? I do not find a actor for TMS layers but only a class named CesiumRasterOverlay which can not added into level