How can UE load the TMS service published by Geoserver

请教下各位,ue 如何加载geoserver发布的tms服务


Can you make sure you are appending /tilemapresource.xml to the end of the imagery URL?
If that does not work, try to point the URL to the folder that contains the /tilemapresource.xml file.


I am using the tms service published by geoserver. Figure 1 and Figure 2 are his sliced data. The /tilemapresource.xml you mentioned does not exist. Figure 3 is his request method and return content (can be loaded using cesium js), The xml structure he returns is consistent with the tilemapresource.xml produced by cesiumlab

Hi @Amy,

That document in your last screenshot is the tilemapresource.xml document, but unfortunately it isn’t named that. Cesium for Unreal is currently hard-coded to expect the file to be called tilemapresource.xml. I wrote an issue to address this:

Even with that fixed, though, you may run into trouble. That TMS service is using the “local” profile, whereas Cesium for Unreal (and also CesiumJS) expect global-geodetic or global-mercator. I’m not sure if that can be easily changed in Geoserver, but I wrote another issue for that:

Ultimately if you’re using Geoserver, it would probably be better to have a WMS or WMTS raster overlay. We have an issue for that already:


Thank you very much, I will continue to follow. :+1: :+1: :+1: