How can UE load the TMS service published by Geoserver

请教下各位,ue 如何加载geoserver发布的tms服务


Can you make sure you are appending /tilemapresource.xml to the end of the imagery URL?
If that does not work, try to point the URL to the folder that contains the /tilemapresource.xml file.


I am using the tms service published by geoserver. Figure 1 and Figure 2 are his sliced data. The /tilemapresource.xml you mentioned does not exist. Figure 3 is his request method and return content (can be loaded using cesium js), The xml structure he returns is consistent with the tilemapresource.xml produced by cesiumlab

Hi @Amy,

That document in your last screenshot is the tilemapresource.xml document, but unfortunately it isn’t named that. Cesium for Unreal is currently hard-coded to expect the file to be called tilemapresource.xml. I wrote an issue to address this:

Even with that fixed, though, you may run into trouble. That TMS service is using the “local” profile, whereas Cesium for Unreal (and also CesiumJS) expect global-geodetic or global-mercator. I’m not sure if that can be easily changed in Geoserver, but I wrote another issue for that:

Ultimately if you’re using Geoserver, it would probably be better to have a WMS or WMTS raster overlay. We have an issue for that already:


Thank you very much, I will continue to follow. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello, is the need to fill the agreement to release to WMS with CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay URL?

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Can you try rephrasing?

Thank you very much for your reply,I want to load the TMS service data published on the Intranet

However, CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay seem to fail to load

It seems that CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay support WMS service only

What should I do, Whether the TMS service must be converted to the WMS service to succeed

Yes, CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay only supports WMS, that’s why it has web map service (WMS) in the name.

To access a TMS server, you instead need to use CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay instead of CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay. However, as described above, that currently requires that the tilemapresource.xml file (the XML you showed in your screenshot) be at a URL that ends in tilemapresource.xml.

We have issues (linked above) to fix this, but don’t currently have an estimate for when we at Cesium will fix this ourselves. However, Cesium for Unreal is open source, and we would welcome a pull request that fixes it.


Ok, thank you for your help.