About Loading tilemap online in XYZ format like "v1.0.0/xyz/imagery/WGS84/{z}/{x}/{y}.png"

Hi!:wave: I’m using cesium-unreal 2.2. It’s a useful and convenient tool. I’d like to ask is there some way to load 2D tilemap online XYZ format like “v1.0.0/xyz/imagery/WGS84/{z}/{x}/{y}.png” in UE5.2? Is it possible to write a code to load xyz tilemaps based on the code of the WebMapServiceRasterOverlay.cpp and CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay.cpp? If so, how can I do it? Look forward to your reply. Thank you~:laughing:

In addition to WMS, Cesium for Unreal has support for Tile Map Service (TMS). If you need something else, you can take a look at the existing implementation of WMS and TMS and probably pretty easily infer how to add yours. If you’re adding support for something standard-ish, we’d welcome to a pull request for it.

Ok, thanks for your quick reply🤝