RE: Add support for custom pattern XYZ tiles for Raster overlay

Hello Jonathan_Chemla, I would like to ask if you use CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay to load tilesmap online in the form of http://server.domain/.../tile/{Z}/{Y}/{X}.jpg?

This looks like a duplicate of About Loading tilemap online in XYZ format like "v1.0.0/xyz/imagery/WGS84/{z}/{x}/{y}.png", which I believe was sufficiently answered :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed, was using the url scheme with a CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay.

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If possible, could you please help me check what is wrong with my operation in this screenshot?, I had add a Cesium3DTileset and add CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay in it, and the URL is also entered. What else do I need to do to load the basemap in xyz format ? Thanks a lot.:pray:t2:

The URL property of a Cesium3DTileset must point to a tileset in 3D Tiles format. Specifically its tileset.json file. You’ve given it a templatized URL for PNG files, which makes no sense at all. It doesn’t support templates, and it doesn’t support PNG files.

Ok, so you have a pyramid of PNG images arranged in some kind of XYZ fashion, right? And you want Cesium to display it? Well, that may or may not be possible to begin with. Cesium for Unreal supports Tile Map Service (TMS), which is a kind of XYZ. And in the next release (this week) it will also support Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) which is a different kind of XYZ. If your XYZ is one of those, then it can probably be made to work.

But before you can show the images in your XYZ tileset, you need some geometry - i.e., the globe! - to drape those images on. Cesium World Terrain (CWT) is a popular option for that, and it can be easily added using the Cesium UI built into Cesium for Unreal. When you add CWT using one of the options in the UI, it will create the Cesium3DTileset and also add a CesiumIonRasterOverlay component to the Actor. Cesium World Terrain by itself is colorless geometry. The raster overlay adds the satellite imagery pictures.

So to replace that satellite imagery with your own from your XYZ server, delete that CesiumIonRasterOverlay component. Then add a new raster overlay component of the right type (CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay or, next version, CesiumWebMapTileServiceRasterOverlay). Configure its URL with the base URL of your server (not the template. Templatized URLS are not supported and definitely will not work). From your screenshot, it looks like the base URL might be https://[blurredoutsomething]/v1.0.0/xyz/imagery/WGS84/.