Import local map imagery to Cesium for Unreal

I have a collection of PNGs and associated .tfw buddy files that I want to use in Unreal. I’ve been through the Adding DataSets tutorial. Is there a way I can directly reference these files in the Cesium Tileset’s URL field?

Do I need to set up a local tile server like MapProxy? Or do I have the wrong file types altogether?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi @ChrisDisguise,

To use images as raster overlays, you’ll need to host them on a local tile server - you can’t reference them directly, as far as I know. I haven’t tried loading a PNG with .tfw file, so I’m not sure how that will work, but let me know how it goes.

You will need to make sure that your tile server is using WMS or TMS to be compatible with 3D Tilesets.


Thanks, @agallegos.

What are the best options for tile servers that can work with Cesium Unreal in this way (preferably a free one)? I’ve started setting up MapProxy but it looks like it doesn’t work for what I need. And MapTiler Server is pricey.

Hi @ChrisDisguise,

You could use Cesium ion for this purpose, though it is online.

I haven’t tried it myself but other uses have mentioned GeoServer - that may be worth checking out.


We’re currently using Cesium ion but need to switch to something local because of imagery loading times.

Thanks, I’m looking into GeoServer. In the meantime, I found this docs page. I realize this is for CesiumJS, but would all the imagery providers listed also work for the Cesium for Unreal plugin?

Hi @ChrisDisguise,

No, not all of the providers from that page work in Cesium for Unreal (yet, though we’d like to support more in the future!).
You can view the list of supported imagery providers in Cesium for Unreal here.


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Much appreciated. Thanks for your help.