Offline terrain map with imagery in Unreal

I am try to explore offline 3d visualisation of terrain in unreal using cesium plugin. I able to do visualisation of terrain and corresponding imagery in browser using cesium.js. But unable to perform the same in unreal. Is there is guide or a pdf which guide how to port existing cesium setup to unreal. And of any version conflict. I am using unreal 5.0.3

What terrain and imagery providers are you using? There may not be an Unreal counterpart for some providers. It would help to know what CesiumJS elements are relevant to you.

For terrain we use ctb server which provides quantized mesh (.terrain) file using TMS , these file is with version 1.0.0 . For image provider we are using Tomcat server to server image raster in TMS

We definitely support TMS raster overlays. I know we handle quantized .terrain files, but maybe the method they’re provided in is unsupported? @Kevin_Ring might know more.

Yep, it should be working. Are you saying you tried and it didn’t work? In what way did it not work?

To answer your first question, no, we don’t have a guide for moving from CesiumJS to Unreal.

Thank you guys for replying. Quantized mesh file(*.terrain) which we have is of version 1.0 where all meta data is in layer.json and sample file which is provided for demonstration is of 1.1.
Terrain service provider is not able to show even the globe in unreal engine 5.0.3 for 1.0 versioned file but works fine for 1.1 versioned data.
Is there any significant changes from 1.0 to 1.1 version.
Any help is deeply appreciated.

Early versions of Cesium for Unreal didn’t work with the old quantized-mesh terrain with availability embedded only in layer.json. But that is long-since fixed. I’m not aware of any remaining compatibility problems. We don’t have formal version numbers for quantized-mesh, so I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to with 1.0 and 1.1.