Add support for custom pattern XYZ tiles for Raster overlay

Hello there!
Just cross-submitted a feature request on the github repo for cesium-unreal, in case this is better suited.
I’d like to use a Raster Map Overlay draped over my cesium-terrain, based on custom pattern XYZ tiles URL - stored as webmercator tiles. I was able to use a TMS raster overlay with a correct TMS server which do have a tilemapresource.xml file.

  • TMS Overlay url http://server.domain/image/tms/tilemapresource.xml requires inputting url http://server.domain/image/tms/
  • WMS Overlay url requires url of the form or 2

Unfortunately, for my imagery, there is no existing TMS or WMS published server available. I only know the pattern of the tiles URL. Some sample URL patterns are shown below: Z, X and Y represent XYZ or TMS coordinates in the webmercator 3857 CRS

  • http://server.domain/.../tile/{Z}/{Y}/{X}.jpg
  • http://server.domain/.../tile/&z={Z}&x={X}&y={Y}
  • http://server.domain/.../tile/{Z}/{X}/{Y}/256/png8?param1=value1
  • http://server.domain/.../tile/{Z}/{Y}/{X}.jpg

With a suggestion from @kring I was finally able to solve this using mapproxy to serve a WMS service for my custom xyz pattern/scheme urls, and use it with the CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay. Closing the feature request!