Loading Mapbox raster tiles using Cesium Tile Map Service Raster Overlay

I’m trying to display Mapbox raster tiles on top of my Cesium world terrain.
To my understanding this should work by loading one of the terrain examples and replacing the “Cesium Ion Raster Overlay” with “Cesium Tile Map Service Raster Overlay”.

Here I have to provide a base URL. When checking the Mapbox API (https://docs.mapbox.com/api/maps/raster-tiles/) the URL should look like this: https://api.mapbox.com/v4/{tileset_id}/{zoom}/{x}/{y}{@2x}.{format} plus the access token.

This doesn’t make sense to me since the URL already wants me to define x,y and the zoom level. Am I using the wrong URL?

The CesiumTileMapServieRasterOverlay requires that the TMS server provide an XML document describing its structure:

This file is often called “tilemapresource.xml”. If MapBox doesn’t provide such a file, it won’t work out of the box.

Great! Thank you