Web Map Service raster overlay doesn't work, requires <Service> tag

I need to be able to display a WMS layer, and as of Cesium for Unreal plugin updated on 1 April 2022, we are able to add this component to the 3D tileset.
I want to be able to display dataset from WMS, so for testing I picked up a few, but got the following error:
[error] [RasterOverlay.cpp:145] Web map service XML document does not have a Service element
The URL I used are:

I get the same error with both the URL, however both work well when loaded in QGIS.
Is there something I am missing?

Hi @pratyush1611,

You should provide only the base URL to Cesium for Unreal, without the query parameters:



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Support wmts?

There is already support for tiled services as a component which is attached to the terrain