How to load an online WMS map service in cesium for unreal

I recently encountered an unsolvable problem that I wanted to load WMS online maps in CESIUM for Unreal, so that different map levels can be displayed when zooming in and out of the page.But I found that I could only download the offline map, and then process it through CesiumLab and bring the XML file into the URL,The resulting map does not have the ability to update in real time, nor can it display different levels of the map as the page zooms.

Can you walk us through the problem more closely? I don’t quite follow you.

If you just want to display a WMS layered over a tileset, you should be able to do that by adding a CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay to your GameObject. You’ll also need a Cesium3DTileset to drape it over, though.


Google translation:

I want to achieve something similar to geoserver, showing more details when zoomed in and less detail when zoomed out, just like map software has different map levels, zooming in will show more details, zooming out to see a lot of details not will show

Ok, but what sort of data, and where is it coming from? If the data is truly a Geoserver WMS, then CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay is the answer, as I mentioned before.