Cesium World Terrain Height issue

Hi There,

I am trying to get height of buildings from “Cesium World Terrain” asset and I compared data
with Google earth for “Florida Center North, Orlando, FL, USA” area and there is difference in height from Cesium app and Google earth.

Height From Google Earth : 41 Meter
Height from Cesium app : 0.9766822972322785 Meter

I have create demo on Cesium sandcastle here

Note : You can see output in console.

Can you please check this issue?


The height in CesiumJS is returned relative to the ellipsoid. The height in Google Earth is relative to mean sea level.

Hi Omar,

I work with Rakhi, who asked me to follow up on this. What we really need, I guess, is a way to convert the height relative to the ellipsoid to a height relative to sea level. Are you saying Cesium doesn’t provide that facility at all? (Seems like it should; there are probably a lot of applications that could benefit from it.)

If Cesium doesn’t support it, do you know of any third party software that works with Cesium to provide it? I found a package from the NGA that uses point data at 15 minute increments and a Fortran program to provide interpolations for arbitrary lat/lon points, but that may not be the optimal way to integrate sea level calculations into Cesium.

Thank you.