Cesuim Tile Map Server not supports transparent cutting

Use Cesuim Tile Map Server , There is no transparent connection between the white edge and other base images.

The same tile service can be viewed normally by colleagues using Cesuim Js, and the connection is very natural

Is it related to the material of Cesuim 3dTileSet? Can you provide a shader that supports transparent cutting

I think this may be the same bug as described here:

If so, it’s already been fixed in this PR:

The fix will be included in the version of Cesium for Unity that will be released later this week.


Sure, but the source of the data isn’t important for triggering the bug, only the map projections. It’s likely your two TMS layers have the same projection, which would trigger the bug.

Thank you for your reply. We found that the service generated in a new way did not have this Bug. Can use


We shipped v1.3.0 last week, and it fixed this problem on the Cesium for Unity side. So you may not need to change that setting anymore (I don’t know what the setting is because I don’t read the language and can’t use Google Translate on a screenshot).