Change CesiumSunSky position

Hi guys, I’m having trouble changing the Sun position other than using the Date and Time sliders. The Gimbal seems to be locked at the positions metioned above. Linking a Directional Lights doesn’t seems to work. What are my options?
Thanks in advance, Bye

Hi @Mutolia ,

The options might be locked due to the CesiumSunSky actor reading the long/lat position of the CesiumGeoreference actor you have in the scene. In order to set a custom long/lat value, you can try creating a new CesiumGeoreference just for the SunSky (maybe call it SunSkyGeoreference) and set the reference:

Then you can edit the long/lat values from the Georeference and see the updates (it won’t work if you set it from within the CesiumSunSky’s GlobeAnchor component).

To add on to what Xuelong said, if you’re looking to move the sun independently of the date/time/longitude/latitude, you may want to use a different actor that CesiumSunSky. CesiumSunSky was designed to give an accurate sun position for the time and location, and has a lot of logic to enforce that. You can create a similar effect by creating a new blueprint with a directional light, sky light, and SkyAtmosphere - that should allow you to move the sun freely.