Sunrise to sunset animation

Hi all,

I’m very new to Unreal Engine but loving playing with Cesium for Unreal. I’m looking for advice or links to workflows for making an animation showing sunrise through to sunset over a terrain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Luke_Mahoney,

if you’re using CesiumSunSky, there are a few ways you can animate the sun position.

If you want to move the sun during play, you can create a Blueprint function to start the sun moving with a keypress. This is a rough blueprint I created for that to get you started - though there’s probably better ways to do it:

This was done in the Level Blueprint. I added two float variables, EndSolarTime (By default set to 22.0) and SunSpeed(By default set to 0.005). When you press the Y key, it will increment the solar time by the SunSpeed until the sun reaches the end position.
If you wanted to record an animation from play, you could set up this blueprint, line up your shot, and record your screen using a screen recording software like OBS.

If you prefer to use Sequencer to create your animation, there’s an experimental branch of the plugin you can use that exposes the time of day to sequencer. You can read more information here. That branch needs a little more work but will hopefully be integrated into the main plugin sometime soon.