How to stop solartime change from animating?

Hi everyone,

is there a way to instantly change the solar time of cesium sun sky in blueprint? Currently the workflow is

  1. Set Solar Time
  2. Update Sun
  3. Wait for 5 seconds for the animation to finish

because step 1 and 2 start an animation, that is a couple of seconds long. I know, that manually setting the solar time does not start an animation, but i need to do this a couple of times automatically during runtime.

Thank you

Hello, do you know why does the Solar Time is between 4.0 and 22.0? And what’s the meaning of them?

To my knowledge, the Solar Time is a representation based on old sun clocks. Every hour represents 15° of change in rotation of sun light. And the range of 4 to 22 is probably an appoximation of the timeframe, where daylight is available.

Thanks for your explaination!

Can you elaborate? I don’t know why those steps would start an animation at all.

I am working without auto exposure, so it actually can get dark in the evening. When I change the solar time from day to evening, I get this:

and after about 5 seconds of slow transitions i get the final result:

Edit: When i turn off autoexposure in the same moment as i change the solar time the “animation” starts with this (I only include this because the weird borders are easier to see, that are also present on the first image):

I’m not really sure what’s going on there. Do you have the same problem with Unreal’s built-in SunSky as well? Our CesiumSunSky is closely modeled on that one.

Yes, it has the exact same behaviour.

Ok, in that case you might have been luck asking the question in Epic’s Unreal Engine forums, since it sounds like it has little to do with Cesium for Unreal.