Changing time of the day widget parameter in unreal

Hey everyone

I am using the widget “time of the day” of the dynamic pawn in my project. But i noticed that it always go from value like 5h in the morning to 20h and then it is never fully dark. I would like to change the slider widget to make first of all appear at which hour we are in the day, and I would like to extend its limitations to the full day hours.

Does anyone know where I should program that?


Hi @Emma.R,

The “Solar Time” field is configured to “slide” from 4am to 10pm when you click and drag it. But you can type any value between 0 and 23.9999 into the field and it will work. You may also find it useful to adjust the “Time Zone” field with the correct offset from UTC in your area of interest.

If you want to change the click/drag range, in CesiumSunSky.h you will see lines like this:

      Category = "Cesium|Date and Time",
      meta = (UIMin = 4, UIMax = 22, ClampMin = 0, ClampMax = 23.9999))
  float SolarTime = 13.f;

The UIMin and UIMax properties define the range.


Hey thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Dumb question, i found the folder and changed the value in the code lines. But how should i update them in my unreal project?
(i read in the folder that there were an update sun function to call, but where and how should I do that?)

  • Emma

If Unreal doesn’t automatically pick them up (I was hoping it would, but it probably won’t), you’ll need to build the plugin, which is a bit of a process. Build instructions are here: