Change Sunsky value on key press / flight to geo location

I have added the neccessary sub levels and parameters to faciliate smooth transistion between global reference points successfully. My issue now is that half of my locations are in full blackness and some in total daylight due to how the global timezone lighting works. I would like to be able to adjust the sunsky value when arriving at different locations so that they are not in total darkness. I see in the documentation there is some vague instructions in how to do this via blueprint with a float value but it is not completely explained from start to finish.

Hello @ConduitXR,

We have a similar functionality in the TimeOfDay widget in the CesiumForUnreal content folder. You can try it out when using the DynamicPawn by pressing “T” and manipulating the slider.

AugustRelease DebugGame - Unreal Editor 2021-08-07 10-42-13_Trim

You can check out how it works by looking at the TimeOfDay widget’s event graph.

The “Solar Time” is the most useful and represents the hour of the day, but there are a host of other variables you can set such as “Timezone”, “Day”, “Month”, “Year”, etc.

Hope this helps!
Nithin Pranesh

Thanks for this yes I have looked at the time of day slider. What I need is for when user clicks to go to a georeference for Paris I want the sunsky value to change based on the initial click rather than user having to set it manually with a slider when arriving at georeference. So ideally within the blueprint script that triggers flight to georeference there should also be an additoinal node that changes the sunsky value for that georeference attached

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Hello @ConduitXR,

In order to change the SunSky’s values on moving to a new location, you’ll want the following logic triggered by the player’s click -

You need a reference to your CesiumSunSky, and call Set Time Zone and Set Solar Time on that. After you’ve set the Time Zone and Solar Time, you’ll also need to call Update Sun.

Of course, you’ll have to change out the New Time and New Time Zone variables for the appropriate values for your new location.

Hope this helps,

Excellent thanks! Ill give that a try! As a secondary function to the sunsky value change, I also have both a dynamic pawn and a third person controller that the player can chnage to when down at a low enough level. Currenlty the player must manually change from dynamic pawn to third person using keyboard C but ideally this transition would automatically happen once the dynamic pawn hits the georeference cube at end of flight animation. Is this possible?