Change horizon center in 3D map

When using a 3D map (with terrain), the horizon is always centered at the middle of the viewer. No matter if I pitch up or down with setview… the horizon always stays there.

Is there a way to move permanently the horizon to lets say 40% of the top. So if I use setview or flyto it will work normally… but the horizon will remain at 40% of the top instead in the middle of the viewer.

I use setview with Lat, Lon, Altitude, Pitch and Roll to track an aircraft.

Hope I explained this correctly.

Hi @Aviator,

Have you tried using Camera.constrainedAxis? I think you can use it to lock the camera on the vertical axis so it’s looking above the horizon, but I’m not sure if your application allows for free mouse movement or not. It’d be great if you could provide a Sandcastle with your current camera setup.

Hope this helps,

Hi, its bit complicate to duplicate it on Sandcastle but I will try.

I use the 3D view as some kind of flight simulator… so is like a camera in the nose of the plane driven by a stored set of positions, or receiving real time data. Mouse is not allowed. The problem is when the plane is Zero pitch, the horizon position is in the center of the viewer. And I want zero pitch view horizon to be higher, lets say in the first quarter of the top area of the viewer… after that every time I position the camera with setview… I want the horizon to move relatively to that initial position. Not relative to the center of the viewer area.