Change the distance to unload tiles behind the camera

This is maybe a stupid question, but how can I change the distance to unload tiles behind the camera? I‘m making a flight simulator and the tiles behind the camera (Cockpit view) are unloading too early so that there is no ground under the back part of the airplane.

You can uncheck the “Enable Frustum Culling” on your Cesium3DTileset. Frustum culling will cull tiles that are out-of-view of the camera, so disabling the option should retain the tiles even if they’re behind the camera. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick answer! It works great, but it decreases the performance a lot. Is there also something to just change the distance or isn’t it possible yet?

Hi @Jaip-Coding,

You could try to implement a CesiumTileExcluder to exclude tiles outside a certain area. The area could follow the plane as it moves, and leave just enough tiles behind the plane to be convincing.

Here’s a really crude drawing in MS Paint about what I mean:

If you translate the center of the area (indicated by the red dot) by the same amount that the plane moves, the area of visible tiles should remain constant relative to the plane.

We don’t have an official tutorial for this yet, but you can check out this PR for details on how to get started.

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Hi @janine
Thanks really much! I‘ll definitely try it!

Hi Jaip,

Did this method ever work out for you? I have an issue where I’m noticing frames getting culled around the edges of my camera frustrum. If this worked for you, please let me know!