Change the view to openstreet view after using Cesium.Camera.flyTo to current location

I’m using Cesium 3D globe, initially it shows earth at night view but i want as soon as user click on show current user button it should change to street view and get zoomed, zoomed is working only thing is i want to change its view
Link: demo



Thank you for the detailed forum post! Are you sure that you provided a link to the correct sandcastle demo? When I opened the demo, I did not see the night view of the earth. Moreover, I didn’t see a button labeled “show current user.” In general, using Cesium.Camera.flyTo seems like a robust solution to all of your use cases. This function can be used to fly to a given location. It can also be used to move the camera to a street-level position. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! I am looking forward to learning more about your project :grinning: