Cesium "Fly to" using google maps data?

Hello! So I’m in a group project that’s working on a website that maps homelessness resources through landmarks, we’re using Google Maps for the initial mapping process, we want to use 3D elements for the landmarking aspect, and we have Cesium loaded onto the website and are trying to use the “fly to” documentation to create our own street view, is there a way to take the google maps location data and use that to control the camera? ideally when the users “click” on the resource they need the cesium view would show what the area looks like.

Hi there,

This should be possible if your able to correspond the street view area to a specific position such as one defined with latitude and longitude, or even a larger region defined from latitude and longitude bounds.

Check out the “Fly to Rectangle” option in this Sandcastle example for how to do so.

Hi! Thank you so much for responded, we have it set up to creat the street veiw using the coordinates, the issue is we need the coordinates to be a variable, so the "street veiw " can change , is kt still possibly to use fly to and have the coordinates depend on user input?