Using Fly to feature in 3D tiles using metadata


I would like to fly to a location within a single 3D tileset using attribute information from 3D tileset. For example, I have a 3D tileset of a city having an attribute of neighbourhood name for each building. Using CesiumJS how can I fly to a view point based on the neighbourhood name and not by setting coordinates as show in Cesium Sandcastle ?

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First, welcome to the community! Each attribute, such as a neighborhood in a city, should have a member variable giving you its location. As you see in the camera documentation, you will also need to specify the view direction of the camera. This information likely cannot be extracted from the attribute information. If possible, could you share more information about the 3D tileset that you are working with and your use case. This would help me give more more concise feedback.


Hi @sam.rothstein, thanks for your feedback.

more information about the 3D tileset
I have a 3D tileset of a city (e.g. New York) in which buildings are having attribute on which neighbourhood it belongs to (e.g. Neighborhoodname = Brooklyn).

your use case
Based on “select a neighbourhood” drop down list (HTML element) I would select a value (e.g. Brooklyn) if the selected value matches buildings have attribute Brooklyn, I would just like to zoom to that location using viewer.zoomTo(tileset), so that I don’t have to set the view direction.